All The Bad Things In Life

Okay, like I said before my life is actually bright presently. Looking over some of my posts I feel like a teenage, hormonal, brat. Which of course I still am, but hopefully not as much. Though I did manage to write some truth and, if I may say so myself, some A+ advice which helped a few people.

Where was I? Ah yes, my life- good. So why am I back? Because I used to write about gossip, and over exaggerated drama, and all my 13 year old struggles which felt like a very big thing at the time but some of these posts are just plain embarrassing. Wow, I really do go off track easily. I’m back because I am still trying to write something. I have gone through so many ideas over the years and I figured out that the longest I stuck with a plot, is when I was writing everyday on this blog at the same time. So, of course, whenever I personally need advice (or before I make any kind of decision what-so-ever) I googled it. Arielle Ford wrote on Huffington Post that this was, in fact true. That writing anything everyday does improve your motivation to write what you actually want to write. And that is the story which led me to log back in to WordPress and write this overly long passage about why I am back… like I have said time and time again, I like to babble along.

Alas! This will not be a writing tips kind of blog because I really haven’t got the commitment to keep that up, but I do have a few more tricks up my sleeve for writing now I done a little research (or two hours worth, whatever). As always I love to chat, as you can imagine, so my ask section is open, so feel free to comment wherever and I will love to respond, I’ll probably refer to you as my best friend for a couple years. 


Wow, this blog is old. Like wow. But yes, people, I am still living and breathing in your midst and (possibly) dreams. I would have to say that the fact I haven’t needed to vent on here is a good thing but it’s still a shame seeing as I have made a few friends- well, I would count them as my friends, I’m not 100% sure on who I am to them. It’s been all good- very quiet- very boring (my life, I mean).

Just wanted to shout out because I think I might be sticking around for a while, so watch out, because when I start writing, sometimes I can’t stop. And sometimes it’s really boring.

ugh mum are you being serious right now asdfghjkl