My Last Post.

by witnessthefire

Don’t let the title or my past posts fool you- this isn’t an overly dramatic last goodbye before my devastating suicide. Reading over my posts has got to be the definition of self cringe but I was also proud that little ‘ol me actually wrote her feelings down and managed to explain events pretty well. It’s just embarrassing you know?

This isn’t gonna be my usual ramble. I’m 17 now and definitely not depressed enough to keep ranting into this lame blog. All jokes aside though, when I was going through all this pain writing it really helped so… thanks. Of course not all insecurities go away and I still find myself in dark places every few weeks but other than that I’m pretty content 99% of the time.

I felt like I owed this blog a final goodbye I don’t know, I guess I didn’t want to leave it unfinished (unlike all my so- called novels). But I was thinking about starting a new blog and it would not be as dark as this but still personal and close to me so that will be fun. Like another chapter. I don’t really expect anyone to read this but if you happen to be just remember that everything really gets better and if you need a friend…

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