by witnessthefire

As I’m sure none of you are aware I have my GCSE’s in one week. The only problem (other than my worrying lack of stress) is that I have not started my revision. I had a plan in the winter holidays as well, I told myself that I’d have started before Easter Holidays, and truthfully thought that I would revise over Easter… but I didn’t.

It’s really dawning on me that I need to get an A in science to do Biology A-Level and it sucks because I can swing that for Biology, but I can’t get that for Physics and Chemistry. I can probably just swing my other subjects because I’m usually a pretty good student.

I really want to tell my dad about how stressed I am because I know that he could help because he’s actually a science teacher! And lots of my friends think I take him for granted- which I do, but it’s different asking help when they’re also your parent, and I don’t want to ask him for help, but I probably will.

Six days till my first exam, and I’d rather write a post about it here than start some actual revision!