Masks And Shades.

by witnessthefire

There are only two types of people in the world. Fakes, and copy- cats. I don’t know how you feel about but I’ll continue anyway. This kind of explanation would be much easier with a venn diagram, as of course, you can be a bit of both (which I guess contradicts my statement of there being only two types of people but I’m not bothered). Fakes, the meaner, maybe rougher types of people are insecure- I mean, who isn’t?- but they would rather their true colours not show, because they’re are simply not proud of themselves, so instead they’ll create a false identity and stick to it, hiding behind the mask possibly forever. Copy cats are confident. They are strong enough to shine a bit too bright, if you know what I mean, they wouldn’t usually want to be anyone else, unless they had something that they didn’t. You know who you are. And so, you know that deep down, you can never really trust someone fully. Not really. Because doubt comes creeping along and reminds you of this very post. Weird, huh?