by witnessthefire

At the moment everyone thinks I’m monotone. I don’t really care anymore- about anything. But what I don’t like is when people force you to talk, for example, my English teacher (who is mad, I swear). She picks on me each lesson and constantly complains that I have no passion, and that she has made it her goal in life to get me to actually have a desire to learn in her class. She’s forcing herself on me and it makes me feel even worse.

We are writing essays on what we would get rid of in the 21st century and I don’t have a strong enough opinion on anything to write an essay, and she calls me up every lesson and makes a fool out of me to the class. Do you know what I really want to write about, miss? I want to abolish ignorance of people like you. How dare you force yourself upon me like that, embarrassing me in front of my peers, it would have been unpleasant for any normal person, but for me, it’s mortifying, and I dread walking into the lessons.

I would explain throughout this essay that I know I have a lack of passion, and make a sarcastic point thanking her for throwing it out to me all the time.

Good job on getting me to become more confident by the way.