Right Now.

by witnessthefire

I don’t really know why I keep leaving here, but I know why I keep coming back. I guess this blog is like a safe house for me, writing on the surrounding walls with my blood as paint. It’s a secure place- this shallow anonymity- and that’s it.

I’m constantly tired, and bored of living, and this makes it hard to write posts because not only do I not have the motivation to even bother, it’s that all of my posts are seemingly the same. The only thing which has changed since my last few posts is that I’m crying less. I still feel lost and angry at what looks like nothing, but now I’m just in a daze, empty and numb, nothing seems to affect me anymore, because I’m used to disappointments, and I can’t get a lot more depressed than I am right now.

I’m not to sure what this post is really, I just wanted to wrote something. I wanted to get back into the flow of spilling my emotions, because I have a feeling that I’ll have a lot to speak about soon.