by witnessthefire

Everyone can say they hate someone or something. Maybe it’s a type of food or one of your cousins, but for me, it’s just myself. There’s just so much wrong with me. My appearance and my personality. First of all, I can see that I’m not drop dead ugly, but I am in no way pretty at all, and far from average. The face is full of acne, wrinkles, hair and other things. I have random pieces of fat all over my body, especially on my thighs and stomach. My teeth are messed up. I am a horrible person, I feel the need to gossip about every single friend I have, sometimes I feel empty inside, and others I feel as if I am about to explode with emotion.

Another thing I hate about myself is the fact that I’m talentless. Sure I used to do sports, when was the last time I played Netball or Badminton… oh right, about six months ago. And I’m positive reversibility has taken place. So, I can’t do anything. I don’t even write anymore, and school is a dark building of fuck.

There is nothing left of me.