The Red House.

by witnessthefire

So I’m at the red house. I begged my parents not to let me go but we’re getting dinner there, and I already skipped lunch- my dad would find that suspicious, even though I might not still eat, I decided I’d have to go. My brother came home for a couple days and he promised me that he’d stay with me so I wasn’t alone, but as soon as he got there he dragged away in the sea of unknown faces which is what I thought was going to happen.

It’s only been ten or fifteen minutes and I’ve excused myself to the bathroom. I’ve sat on the stairs for a while just staring at the walls and even contemplated going back to the crowds because there was no wifi, but instead I just stayed. Now I’m in the bathroom just staring at myself in the mirror.

What’s wrong with me? Before I left, my brother told me that I should make an effort, and tried to confiscate my earphones in case I listened to music instead of talking. He said that even he finds it hard to talk to people he’s never met, but he just doesn’t understand. I find it suffocating talking to people I know let alone strangers- apart from my actual friends and family, I don’t talk to anyone- and I don’t plan on it.

I literally can’t do it. It’s impossible. The air in my lungs seem to just empty when someone I don’t know talks to me, and then I feel dizzy. And it doesn’t make it easier when you’re getting weird looks from people just because you’re sitting alone in the corner.

I feel safe up here in the bathroom, there’s even a comfy chair. No ones come looking for me yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I’m dragged back into that hell.

Well, I went back down because I don’t want anyone to find out my secret hiding place in the deserted bathrooms. Then, my brother forced me to have a burger, it actually disgusted me, though I’m talking about the fact of fattening food, it was also burnt. I mean, come on, I didn’t want to eat anyway, the least they could do was make it taste good.

I had to wait awhile for the burger, but my brother sat next to me and calmed my nerves. Far too soon, new people came over, and I stood giving them a place to sit, Robert noticed my sneaky plan which was to escape, and quickly tried to involve me in the conversation. This left me leaning awkwardly on a pole at the edge of everyone.

When Robert gave gave up trying to include me, I wanted to return here so I grabbed my burger, stuffed it in my mouth and ran up the stairs and back to the bathroom. And here I am… again.

I’ve noticed how creepy the house is. It’s old and rusty, with a grand staircase in the centre. I feel like I’ve been hiding out long enough that a ghost will appear and say give it up, nothing supernatural is happening here, go downstairs and socialise. I think the bathroom is making me mad. Maybe it is haunted. Maybe a ghost will appear. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe it would be evil and kill me. At least it would be easier than hiding over here.

Home sweet home.