by witnessthefire

I guess I always liked giving advice, it wasn’t my forte but I’d do it to help people out. Here on WordPress the topics I mainly explore are advice and self harm. I do that because I find a way to express myself through others, I comment and advise people depending on their posts. I think I’m more open there, because I’m in the presence of someone I can understand and relate to.

I myself love feedback. It makes me feel like I matter, that this person chose to reply to my post among so many others; it makes me feel like people care. I haven’t ever had a big decision that I’ve put up here in my blog but some comments do make me change my whole outlook on life. I’ve never really thought too much about how my comments have affected people. I know and acknowledge that they help and inspire, but never really further than that. I may have saved them.

The thing is, you’ll never really know- know whether this person is over exaggerating or an attention seeker, or in real deep shit. And I’ve seen it happen, that that one comment has changed their life for ever.

Unfortunately this can work the opposite way too. Cyber bullying is more serious than you can imagine. Maybe it’s because in adverts and movies they make it a tad too unrealistic and over do it a bit, but it’s no excuse. We’re talking about emotions here. Raw, real, emotion. And it’s nothing to be played with. I’m not telling you to go and comment on everyone’s posts who need advice, but if someone needs it, why not? What’s stopping you? Because we’re a family here, and I’m pretty sure one day you’ll need help, and someone will be there for you too.