by witnessthefire

So I’ve decided to start running again. I used to go with my mother but because we don’t get on much any more, I’ll go in the mornings with my dad. I’ll start in the Easter holidays and get back into it, then (if I can) I’ll run everyday before school, and on Saturday. Hopefully, this will get me eating more, and I will eventually have the body I want whilst staying healthy.

I’m going to try to cut down on my sugar and fat intake, start drinking lots of water, and eating fruit and vegetables. My goal is to be ready for our year ten sports day, I want to make my form proud, it’s our last one, and they deserve a winner.

So yeah, I would advise everyone else thinking that to get a good body they can just skip that meal or that- trust me it doesn’t work, and if you fall into a pattern of anorexia or even bulimia, it’s just not worth it. Believe me.

Good luck to any one else on a journey like mine.