Hurry Up.

by witnessthefire

So, reading back over my posts I think I said that winter was my favourite season- what was I thinking. Sure the snow is beautiful and the atmosphere is almost magical but I live in London. It doesn’t get magical in London. Winter in London is like jumping into a swimming pool with clothes on. Sure, for a while you think it’s great fun, but after a while you get cold and grumpy and very emotional.

Summer always brings out the best in people I think, because no one is ever agitated (unless its super hot, but we try and savour that weather) and everyone is just… nice. I don’t really know what else to say. Everything good happens in the summer: the warmth, the holidays, the events. Nothing can top it except of course my perfect disney fairy tale world from my imagination with snow and Santa.

It needs to be summer already, my patience is running out.