Self Harm.

by witnessthefire

Okay, forget all the stereotypes you have about self harmers. You can never know if someone self harms or why. I don’t know why I self harm, I was never fond of cutting, but I believed I deserved it, and I had a slight addiction to my blood- I found it mesmerising. Burning is my preferred method. I’m not trying to be creepy or put you off, I just thought you could use a description of self harm from someone who knows it, for a better understanding and acceptance.

When you drag that razor or you press that flame to your skin or what ever you do, it gives you a sense of relief and satisfaction. It’s like you’re sighing. Or how you feel when you’ve finally finished the assessment due for tomorrow. You have power and most of all you have control over your own body, it reminds you that it’s your life, not their’s. The scars are my favourite part. It’s like a receipt. It shows what you’ve done, it proves it.

After you harm yourself for the first time, you’ll never find satisfaction quite like it. And that’s why you should never start.

I know this post is a bit weird, but when you see the scars hiding under his wristbands or or on her hips when she’s reaching for something, I don’t want you to think that they’re some over emotional teenager begging for attention- don’t get me wrong there are some people like that but it’s a bit stereotypical. I just don’t want you to judge them or me.

I am 100% not persuading you to self harm! I know that this post is triggering but it isn’t my intension, I just want you all to understand as much as me as possible.