by witnessthefire

I showed my friend a Marilyn Mason song and can you guess what their reply was? “Are you tone deaf?” I wasn’t annoyed by this comment at all- and I’m not just saying that; I think people are entitled to their opinions, and I’d rather them hate it then absolutely adore it, love the band, the song, the style; because that kills my passion for it.

Back to blackness. So, in conclusion, I didn’t give a rats ass. But what I started to realise was that I a an emo. I’d never realised my passion for a style of music defined me, a style of clothes defined me, a favourite colour defined me, even the things I said defined me: as a emo. I have nothing at all against them. I think they’re really cool. If the style of music, clothes and colours define me, what’s next?


I’m sorry if I’m being stereotypical, and if I am- please tell me.