by witnessthefire

Ah, Berlin.

I left on Friday, got back yesterday.I know what you’re thinking, She only went for three days, how the hell will she make a post based on that? But oh my, there was a lot that happened. Firstly, one guy went. I go to an all- girls school, so obviously I am socially awkward around guys. Well, the usual things happened, you have a bitch- fight, with a… bitch, you sleep till three, and wake at six, you eat crappy food, and you look at monuments. Well, let me say, more happened.

This point isn’t big, but it was well embarrassing. I fainted. In a museum- on the first day. Brilliant. For me, I didn’t think much of it, because I’ve fainted a couple times before, but the teachers, wow. They wanted me to go to hospital, go home (back to London) it was a complete mess.Then, the interesting things started to happen. Now, I’m not saying I don’t talk to guys, but, when you’re at an all- girls school, speaking to them is rare. So when the year elevens invited him in, when we were there, things got, well- heated. Before you ask, it wasn’t heated, as in, let’s all take our clothes off, no, all that happened is we played one interesting game.

So the game was a truth game.

In all of the truth games I had played before this time was stuff like, do you have a crush on someone? And the question that made everyone giggle was something like; have you had your first kiss? The first question that was asked is; do you shave your fanny? Now, I couldn’t see myself, but I knew I probably turned beetroot red, and so did my other thirteen year old friend. We exchanged glances. Another question wasn’t have you ever watched porn? No. It was; what’s your favourite type of porn? Awkward. Everyone else watches porn except us. I wanted to walk out. But sitting in a room with a bunch of sixteen year old’s, talking about things we probably wouldn’t have talked about aloud for another few years, was well, thrilling. And I learnt some interesting things.

I felt more mature as the seconds ticked by.