by witnessthefire

I don’t moan for attention.

Isn’t that partly why you have a blog? Well, that’s why I have a blog, I’d rather express to you guys than in my real life.

And when I read over that sentence above this, I realise that I haven’t got a real life. I’m a fat fucking reject. I’m not going to lie and say shit like; my family hates me, and I have no friends. I don’t lie. But after a while you realise that you aren’t living, like properly living. It feels as if I’m living behind a glass screen, my bodies stopping me from living to the full.

You know you’re depressed when every song is classed as sad.

I am sad. I’m sobbing in my head. I’ve noticed that I’m not just jealous, I fucking pick envy off trees. Where the hell does my jealously come from?!

Jealously is a big thing in my life, so I’ll do a whole post on that, but right now I’ll give you some advice; break free. Not in a cheesy way.

I want to fucking live.