Edit My Life.

by witnessthefire

Do you ever get the rush of guilt when you’re reading a really depressing blog, and you think, I’ve done that to someone.

I mean, firstly, I feel incredibly sorry for the blogger; but then you think of how your friend or that person must have felt when you did that. It brings questions up after reading that persons post about breaking down, and crying, did my friend cry to? Did I make my friend cry? The fact is; that we can’t see clearly, we only see the truth when we watch it happen. We only know what people feel, if we watch others closely. But we will never know.

This is why we have consciences.

You, my friends, probably know I go off- topic a lot. Yes, I get carried away. I can honestly admit that I have neglected my conscience into abandonment, and in the times of decisions when I need it most, It isn’t there. And there is a moment you realise. Wait a minute, whilst I look back on my life, why did I do that?

After all, I personally believe that you shouldn’t do anything in life you cannot be proud of. I want to look over my life, when I’m successful, and be proud of not only my success, but I want to be proud of my mistakes.

So, when I see these posts and realise it as a ‘Deja vu’ feeling, I want to be able to choose not to make that mistake again, and that is the kind of success I will be proud of. And not sleep with guilty dreams, knowing I will make that mistake over and over again.