by witnessthefire

Friends always know how to hurt you, because they are the closest ones, and they especially know how to push you away. I’m a loner. I can deal with that, but when my friends (well, I say friends) desert me, if someone better comes along- no. That isn’t dealt with well. I fucking hate them. I’m up all night hoping that I did something, so I can ultimately make it better, nada. Just when you think life is getting better, someone has to ruin it, don’t they.

My friends push me away, they reject me if someone better comes along, we could be laughing one minute, and the next, she’s looking over her shoulder at us talking to a group which ignores us all day. What signs does that give? And she doesn’t make it better by not answering questions. I mean, we weren’t interrogating her, we, us four left out fucking loners, asked her if they were talking about us, and she refused to say, telling us only that she promised them she couldn’t say. My old best friend we’re talking about.

She made it pretty damn obvious.

And that’s fucking unforgivable.