by witnessthefire

Well, I have decided that you guys don’t know much about me, so this is just a post…about me.

Hi. I’m Helena, I live in London, with my mum, dad, brother and my two English Pointers, Chess and Domino. I support West Ham, they will forever live on ❀

I love Oasis (summer fruits) and like any normal person, I’m a chocoholic. I’m 13 in year 9, and in school I’m in the middle lower section of the popularity arrow. I have a couple best friends, whom I have mentioned before in my comments, they have helped me through so much.

I am writing a novel at the moment called Fragments, I won’t tell you anything, but in my before posts I have given the link to it on a website called ‘Booksie’.

I am a girl with acne, everyone can see them but in a way doesn’t take notice. I am in an all girls school so if anyone has them, they go un- mentioned, we’re all a little low on confidence here.

I have joined Air Cadets, I’m still a recruit, so I haven’t got the combats yet, but They’ll be soon to come! I cannot wait, we are doing a cross country run, and me and Maya are running, and we’ve also been sucking up to the flight sergeant, which is fun.

I LOVE GINGER PEOPLE! I mean, seriously, even if my children are mix- race, I’ll still die their hair ginger, literally.

And that’s a lot about moi. So yeah. Hi.