by witnessthefire

Bass Guitar.

I started my very first instrument at the age of 13.

Bass guitar…I’ve always wanted to play guitar, and Bass just sounds SO much better, and easier- only four strings.

The honest truth, is that music; yeah, I don’t understand it. When I say that, I mean the notes, I am in-able to read music, around ten? Eleven? People have tried. And failed.

You don’t know how much I want to play Bass, just the pride in being able to play an instrument is incredible. And it makes you feel special. Like: ‘Bass has chosen me’ I know that if the ‘bass’ could choose, he would not pick me. Fact.

But this is giving me dreams.

I’m thinking bands, and possibly music GCSE. Which, one year ago, I’d have choked at.

So, This is a good turn for me. And honestly for once. I cannot wait for the future to come, with the roller-coaster of aspirations.

I’m ready.