by witnessthefire

I’m so sorry when I tell you to eat, because all the times that I’ve told you to, I could see that little pinch of pain in you, like I’d thrown salt in your eyes- but It only lasted for a minute. I’m sorry for when I’d been in a mood and I hadn’t done anything for when you needed help- I’m sorry I got all freaked out and motherly when you told me you had anorexia. I’m sorry for all those little moments in your life that you had thought of me, and then remembered how I had treated you, and didn’t come looking. I’m sorry that I take sides inarguments, and I’m sorry if I’m not there for you.

I’m sorry for all those times which I’ve logged off when you sent me a message just because I can’t deal with you overly excitable life, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry for if I’d ever ignored you when I’d felt jealous, or made YOU feel bad when really it was me who SHOULD have felt guilty. And I’m sorry about all the things which I can’t even manage to say out loud.
I’m sorry.